Maria Magdalena Spindler


My worlds in pictures

The story of my life and my solutions is the background
for the pictures I would like to paint for you. 

World of Nature
Imagine an amazing natural landscape in the middle of nowhere, near a river at the border of a romantic forest, with lots of different animals on a farm. The social situation was not always easy, so the little girl learned to go her own way, to live her own life, to make her own decisions, to be responsible for her own fortune. She learnt to solve problems on her own. (She likes to visit this world nowadays and likes to be connected with it.) 

World of Science and Business
The girl went out into the world and became a young woman. Her first step was Vienna, the second was Germany, and the third was London. The overall goal was to know more about the world, to discover it and its different social situations for human beings, for groups and for companies. She learned to show other people how to learn, communicate, develop and work in a grown-up world. She became a successful consultant and scientist. (You can enter this current world at 

World of Pictures
The grown-up woman connected the outer world with her inner world. The first picture was born. The first seven pictures were discovered by a few people and what a surprise! They were not bad in terms of art. She discovered the world of art, of colours and pictures, and found her own opinions and perspectives. She now combines the imaginations and requirements of people, teams and companies with her inner pictures. The solutions are pictures hanging in flats and companies designed for their current needs.

The art is to combine these different worlds, needs and imaginations
and to come up with touching, inspiring and living solutions.